Big news from Cupertino today, kids! A bunch of new iProducts for public consumption!

The Shuffle is the same, just new colors. But it's still an inexpensive and awesome entry level player.

The nano is now a fatty! Full 320 X 240 resolution for videos, tiny package, and new interface. Just $150 and $200 for the 4 and 8 gig, respectively. That's a bargain, very competitive for media player like this one.

The iPod has been renamed to the Classic. Thinner, more space. They start at 80 gigs! 80 gigs for just $250, and THAT is a freaking bargain. I don't know of any other media player that offers more space, better battery life, and for a lower price. Oh, and all the accessories! And if that's not enough, 160 gigs for just $350! That's more hard drive space than most computers out there today.

And of course, the iPod Touch, which is an Phone-less iPhone. 8 and 16 gigs for just $300 and $400, respectively. Yep, full web-browser, WiFi, YouTube, and more, in the same shell as an iPhone but a little thinner. A remarkable piece or machinery for a very reasonable cost.

All awesome stuff, but none really benefits me. I've got a 5G iPod (30 gig) and don't especially need a 6G with that much room. But wait... iPhone price drop! The phone I spent $600 for just 2 weeks ago is now an astoundingly inexpensive and reasonable $400, just $100 more than the phoneless iPod Touch. And that, kids, DOES benefit yours truly.

A simple call to AT&T confirms that I can get $200 back on this remarkable piece of technology, making me EVEN MORE pleased about my purchase.

Yep, the iPod and iProducts sure are marvels of technological innovation, combining low cost, amazing battery life, huge storage, innovative and easy interfaces, and of course all the plug-and-play accessories and cases. I challenge anyone out there to find any product even remotely competitive with the iProducts. I'll even give you all 6 months to wait and see what else hits the horizon, but I reckon you won't find anything even close.

More iProducts, please!