It was a

It was a weird night last night. Me and Mullens went to Sully's for some hot wings, and while getting ready to leave, the waitress spilled all sorts of beer on me. Tons of it. I thought that mistake would have gotten us free food, but all it got me was 4 free drinks of beer.

Then it was on to Hoops. This is where things get weird. We were at a table and sharing it with a group of people who were really, really trashy. One of the guys was pretty cool and kept talking to us and telling jokes and such. A few of them got up to go to the bar, and the cool guy went to the bathroom. About 15 seconds later, one of the girls smashed a beer glass against the bar and started screaming at some guy, calling him an asshole and such. She was escorted out. Later we found out that some random guy at the bar offered her boyfriend a shot, saying that the only way he'd ever take her home is if he was completely smashed. Well, the boyfriend went off and started screaming and we were about 10 seconds away from a bar fight. The bartender escorted him out, and we thought that was it. By this time, the cool guy was back at our table, claiming to be with us rather than the group who had just been kicked out. It was pretty obvious who he was with, but I guess it was worth a shot.

So, about 20 seconds later the boyfriend walks back into the bar and starts yelling at the bartender and at the guy who offered him the shot. I heard a lot of "fucks" and a lot of "pussies" as he screamed. He demanded his change back for a drink he had bought, but said the bartender kept the change. He kept screaming and eventually they called the cops. A few minutes later they were questioning the whole group outside and a cop came in to get the stray guy who was still at our table. They asked us a few questions about what we saw, but we weren't much help. We didn't really know any more than anyone else in the bar.

Also, another girl, in an unrelated story, was picked up later for puking and collapsing in front of Hoops. It was an eventful night.