It was a

It was a busy day yesterday. I'm doing more painting at Sully's on their food cart, which will be pretty fun. Yesterday was just a meeting, and since I'm painting on stainless steel I'll need to do some research on the best paints to use. I also need to get some sort of stencil or frisket film because he wants the Sully's logo, which shouldn't have a "hand painted" look to it... it should be flat and smooth. So that will be a trying experience.

Anyhoo, after that it was time to pick up my new Jeep top and get it installed. Only no such luck, because I had to babysit my nephew, which I had completely forgotten about until it was time to babysit. What a cute freaking kid he is. He whined a little bit when my sister left, but no crying. Fabish and Amy were walking around the neighborhood and saw Jack and me playing outside and stopped to say hello. He whined even more when they left. The amount of words the kid knows is incredible. The ones he can say clearly ar few and far between (duck, bike, bye bye), but he at least tries to say a ton more. "Please" sounds a lot like a rasberry. "Thank you" sounds like "Danks". "Clock" sounds like "clawcockclawcock". We're still working on "Uncle Tim".

It was supposed to rain last night, and since my Jeep top had already been removed and there was no time to put the new one on, I switched cars with my dad, parked my Jeep in his garage and took his truck. After that, it was the finale of Battle of the Sexes (my boyz represented), and after that Alan, Angie and I met for a drink or 2 at Kouri's, which was really crowded considering it was almost 11 on a Monday night.

And speaking of Kouri's, Polk, let's go to Kouri's on Friday.