It was the

It was the most uneventful weekend ever this weekend.

Friday was Kouri's, as per usual, and we got there at a bit after 7:00 and took a seat inside because all the outside tables were taken. We sat there, waiting to give our drink orders while being ignored by the waitress. And we sat there. And we sat there. And we sat there. For just over 20 minutes. Finally she came, after we got Jen to find her for us, gave us a casual "sorry", and took our orders. Another 10 minutes passed before we got our beer.

The meal was good, but not good enough to justify the time we wasted waiting for it. Since was paying with a debit card, he laid the card at the end of the table. And we waited. And waited. And waited. For about 15 minutes, before she finally came and picked it up. There's very few times that I wouldn't feel bad about pullin' the 'ole dine and ditch, but this was one of them. And it's not like the restaurant was crazy packed with only 1 waitress... our waitress was waiting on the other tables really well, always checking in on them and constantly bringing drinks and food to them.

In the end, we left a $.29 tip. That'll learn her. That'll learn her real good.

After Kouri's I came home and watched TV.

Yesterday I helped my dad a lot in the yard, then I came home and watched TV.