It was 49

It was 49 degrees in the building when I got to work today. That's way too cold if you ask me, which you didn't. It's been rising steadily since the repairman left, and it's now 62. But it feels way colder than that.

I cut open my face yesterday shaving. Like a rookie. I've been doing it for years without incident, and yesterday I cut a huge chunk out. It's healing nicely, but looks ugly until then.

I'm broke.

The working out schedule has been going great since January first, skipping only 3 or 4 workout days since then. I'm definitely more awake and energetic during the day, with a very definite crash when I go from nice and awake to needing sleep desperately. I like that feeling. The working out is definitely having an effect on my mood, my schedule, my body, and my energy. It also makes me hungry all the time. I've already eaten a lot today and my poor belly is rumbling.

I have the next few days off. Tomorrow I want to hit the Civic Center for the sale for poor people like me. I'd also like to hit Kouri's or Donnelly's with the boyz, since it's been a while since we've done that. Polk, Neo, you into that? Gimme a ring... I have all day off tomorrow. 360-9027, but you probably knew that.