It's been a

It's been a crazy busy weekend so far, with a bit more craziness to go before it's done.

Friday I got off work and headed to Mullens' mom's restaurant for lunch with him, Angie, and John. Then we ran some various errands where I picked up all new furniture for my living room.

It was also my sister's birthday, so I headed out to my parents' house to spend some time with her and my newphews and eat pizza and cake.

Friday night was Polk's party, and it was a friggin' blast. I had planned on staying for an hour or 2, but ended up there until about 2:15. As 1209towanda was playing, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I figured it was some underage kid asking me to buy them beer or something, but I turned around and who do I see but the infamous Schwa! Schwa! Holy shit! How was this possible? We caught up just a little, as best we could with all the loudness going on mere feet away, before he lurked back into the shadows and asked me not to tell anyone he was there. I kept the secret for a good, solid 10 minutes before Dayv let it slip out. It was nice to see the kid again.

Speaking of people it was nice to see, here's a short list of them: Polk, Timmy D, Joshy T, Kate, Wolfie, Tiffany, Mullens (and unexpected arrival), R. Kelly (AKA Trickypants), Dayv, Forrest, and even Emma just to cover all my bases. And of course the strangers. It was good seeing them. Anyway, it was a fun time.

Saturday morning I got up early for some reason. I took Winnie for a long walk then came home and started assembling my new furniture (yes, it's that kind of furniture). Polk and I had half-planned eating lunch at Kouri's, half since we skipped it on Friday and hlf because Schwa could attend for the first time in many moons. Schwa didn't attend, but Polk and I did. We ran into Jeremy and Bean, who I haven't seen for a long time either. By some weird coincidence, we ran into them again a few hours later at a different location. Weird.

Anyway, then we met Schwa at Mocha Joes and went mini-golfing and out for ice cream. Good times. That night I finished assembling my furniture, then went out to see Collateral and eat some Chili's with Angie.

And here I am on Sunday. Mullens' birthday is Tuesday, so there's some barbeque for him today. I don't know when or where. I'll go to that, then spend the rest of the day doing whatever I feel like (which is probably nothing, but maybe it's painting my living room).