It's been a

It's been a long time since I've posted 3 times in a day.

I went back to put some sealer on the mural I painted, and the owner of the restaurant praised my work and paid me the rest of my dough. I gave him some business cards to hand out in case someone asked who did the painting, and he said he's already had some interest. As a result, I'll be meeting with the owner of Sully's, a pub downtown, about painting leprochauns on his windows. That's tomorrow morning. I have a feeling this mural thing may get me a lot of business. It seems like the type of thing that people will see, then want for themselves. So it's exciting.

I also had an interview with a company for a video production assisstant. Now, with freelancing stuff actually working, I'm reluctant to take the job. Since it hasn't been offered to me, that's a moot point. He told me already that I'd be coming back for a second interview, but he also told me that he usually starts people at $6/hour. I made more than that at 16, working in a movie theater. No thanks.