Keep on rollin', never borin'

Okay, so I found my pimpin' Pee-Wee style bike. And here it is. My plan was to strip it and repaint it, making it beautiful and shiny in the process. Unfortunately I was discouraged by some anonymous guys in a bike forum that I go to, saying "it's only original once", and that the paint and chrome was in remarkable shape for the age and it would be a downright shame to ruin that.

Of course they're right. A coat of polish and a coat of wax, and man, that thing shines! Not like original of course, but shinier than a 40 year old bike should be.

I rode it around a little bit last night. It's heavy and much harder to ride, but I think a new chain, new bearings, and putting those new tires on it should make it easier. Plus I need to raise that seat and handle bars, but my tools are still at my old house.

Still, I'm jonesin' like CRAZY to strip, sand, repaint, and restore an old bike to make it my own. Unfortunately I think this guy is just too purty to redo. Maybe I'll cruise around on him this summer, and take it apart and give it a good thorough cleaning this winter.

And the more I think about it, the more I really, really, really want a Superman-themed bike. Man that would be sweet.