The last few

The last few days have just been draining to me. Physically, sure, because of my lack of down time. It seems like important things like "rest" and "relaxation" need to be squeezed in, and during those times I'm thinking of other things I have to do. But also it's been draining emotionally. I've had big things on my mind that take their toll after a while. Sometimes things are sad, a lot of the time they're happy, and sometimes I don't know what to think.

Sometimes my life is like a movie. A boring movie, sure, but still a movie. Sometimes it feels like I'm just watching myself do things instead of actually doing them. Watching myself feel things instead of feeling them. But not lately. Lately it's been a little too real, and a little hard to take.

I realize this is cryptic, which is how I want it for now. Everything will make sense in the end, and everything will be okay.