Last night I

Last night I went coat shopping with Angie. I had little luck finding a coat to replace my 4 year old number from Sam's, but eventually found one that was stellar. I was all prepared to buy it until I looked at the tag and saw it cost nearly half a grand. I quickly removed it and pretended it didn't happen. Maybe my crappy coats will need to last me one more year.

And for a bit of good news/bad news. A huge revamp of one of my favorite shows, The Screen Savers, happened sometime last week. If you remember, I did an interview on that show one time in my youth (I like to remind people of my live, national television appearance). I had dreams of returning to the show, but if the rumors are correct (and it sounds like they are), chances of another appearance are slim and none. Bad because i want to be on TV again. Good because now that the dream is gone, I can focus on my new project without regret. Optimus will still be finished, but since I hate every single one of the users on junkmachine, I can focus on making a new, better site, using what I learned from junkmachine. If I have time between portraits this weekend, it will be spent on the new page.

Fact: When I was living in Chicago my first year, I lived in a shitty part of town. A tenant of my building was a drug dealer and was killed while sleeping while I was living there. For the rest of the time I spent there, I had to pass a security guard, flash ID, and sign in every time I entered the building. I found a building in a better part of town the next year.

Memory: New Years of 2000. I was at a party at Angie's that turned into a huge sausagefest. Dozens of guys and like 3 girls. At one point, Molly and Steph came and sat on my lap, and stayed there for quite a long time. The guys at the party sat there giving me dirty looks and got increasingly angrier at me. Alan was supportive, even getting me beer when I ran out but didn't want to get up. The moral of the story: Alan rocks and chicks love me.