A long time

A long time ago, in a house not far away, there was a party. I, of course, was in attendance and, of course, relatively drunk.

There was also a frat party going on next door, and a lot of girls were walking in wearing either very few or very small clothes. I wasn't complaining.

But, this crazy girl Liz certainly was. Complaining, and complaining loud, even going to such extents as yelling at the girls next door. It was kind of funny for a while, then it got annoying, then it got really carried away. Finally one of the girls and her boyfriend came over to our party to say something to Liz. A small fight followed, and I played the part of "the guy sitting on the porch swing who caught the other guy's glasses when Liz knocked them off after slapping him". Liz then stormed off in a crazy tantrum and hid somewhere in the house. We apologized and all was forgotten, until the cops showed up.

Seems crazy Liz called the piggies in about the conflict, yet she was still nowhere to be seen. They asked a few questions to various party goers, but didn't stick around long.

Alan and I took it upon ourselves to go next door and make peace with the house, assuring them that Angie and her roommates had nothing to do with the conflict. Of course, I was really drunk and probably not making much sense. This was about 4 years and some change ago.

The reason I bring it up now is because of a related story I heard a day or 2 back. I met Angie at Kouri's and stayed for all of 10 seconds, but one of the people I met said I looked fimilar and spent a couple minutes trying to place me. Well, it turns out he lived in the house next door that I went into to make peace. I must be very memorable. In any event, Angie and whateverthisguysnamewas used to be neighbors and never knew it. In any case, Drunk Alan and Drunk Me were way more effective in making peace than I thought we were.

And that's my funny coincidence story of the day.