Me and Polk

Me and Polk went out for Chinese food and beers on Friday. It was good times. It was also nice to resurrect our Friday night outting after a couple weeks of it being interrupted with different stuff.

Saturday I had to work. That was lame. Brian Kelly was in town, so he, John Zarr and I went out for a couple drinks to catch up with each other. Today me and Jaimee saw 8 Mile. I don't have much to say about that movie other than it was really, really, really, really good. Eminem was impressively good at acting, although I can't imagine it was much of a stretch for him to play that part. Great flick. I recommend it to everyone.

The rest of today has been spent on that fucking cartoon. Now it's getting annoying. I just can't get ahead on it. Everything goes slower than I think it's going to, and I'm getting pissed off that I'm getting paid so little for so much work. The other people got paid the same as me for cartoons that absolutely sucked. I guess this will lead to bigger better things for me (I hope), but until then, I'm just frustrated.