Merry Christmas all.

Merry Christmas, all. Mine was excellent. Last night was Christmas at Angie's family's joint, which was huge and fun. The best part was the gift exchange, where everyone brought various gifts, drew numbers, then took a gift randomly or from a previous gift getter. I tried to get a fifth of Jack, only to end up with a car wash kit. Angie ended up with the Jack, so we're splitting our gifts.

This morning was family time, at my parents' house for those worried I was going to have to relocate. I scored an iPod, which is the sweetest little thing you'll ever see in your life. I had talked myself out of wanting one, figuring 20 or 40 gigs of music was more than 1 man needed in a portable sense, but just holding this little gadget in my hands I know my parents made the right choice in ignoring my requests for a lesser brand. Plus it'll go great with the Power Book I'm still saving up for. I also got some cloths and sheets and standard stuff, but the iPod took the cake as the bestest present ever.

Jack loved the remote controlled car I got for him, and he was kind of excited about the block set, but completely disinterested in the horse until my sister showed him how to ride it. Good enough.

Tonight is Hoops if I can round up enough people. We'll see. Maybe it will just be a "sit around and do nothing" night. Which is fine.


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