The moment I've been dreading

I don't know if I documented the last Barb encounter in this here journal, but in case I didn't, I'll do it again. Barb tried really hard to be my friend again after a long time of being anything but. I wasn't eager or willing to be her friend again, especially not the kind of friend she wanted me to be. After a few months of "Tim is a jerk because he doesn't return every phone call I make or go out of his way to hang out with me", I finally just told her and she and I would never be friends again, and that's okay. We had a past, but we don't have a future. Let's just let it go. I haven't heard from her since, with the exception of a birthday email that I didn't respond to.

I knew that it was only a matter of time before I ran into her somewhere in Peoria. And last night was the night. Brian, John and I were at Old Chicago, and we saw a guy named Tim Gimbert, who I also knew in high school. We were friendly, and he mentioned that he was here with his faincee. I knew that Barb and Nick were good friends with Tim and his fiancee, so I put 2 and 2 together and figured that Barb was probably there. Unfortunately, we were sitting such that they needed to walk by us to leave.

The walk by was the most awkward thing ever. I made eye contact and gave the 'ole nod to say hello, but both Barb and Nick were like frozen, not knowing how to react. Brian waved, and they waved to him because apparently he's not a dickfuck like I am. Brian was a bit offended that they didn't stop and say hi, because they've had nothing but pleasant interactions. I was overwhelmingly happy they just kept walking.

Everyone must have been home for Easter or something, because we saw a lot of people from high school last night. Fun times.

I found an entry about the last time I was 'friends' with Barb. Go me.