My foot is

My foot is healing up nicely, but Jaimee and I decided that a trip to Ikea may not be the best thing to do with it half-broken and all. She's up in Naperville visiting Ikea sans me, and I'm down here finishing up yard work I didn't get done because I fucked up the 'ole tootsie.

The bushes are still being a pain in my ass. 2 down, 5 to go, and I'm hugely frustrated by the experience. I think I'm done for the day, but on my next day off will attempt the "pull the damn things out with a car and big chain" maneuver. Should be fun.

Last night my buddy Brian Kelly was in town. He stopped by the house and we shared some beers and watched Crank Yankers and caught up. Good times. I just spent about 3 hours in the yard hard at work, and now I'm going to go find something else to do.