My gluttonous  week

My gluttonous  week was a big success in several ways.

First up, the weight gain. Holy crap. I didn't know this much change was possible in just over a week. My belly is noticably bigger and I just feel fatter. I gained 6 pounds in all.

Second up, I'm miserable. Without my work out to give me energy and some sort of healthy food, I sit around feeling like crap. I actually can't wait to munch on some salad and go for a jog, knowing it will help me sleep better at night and wake up feeling like aces.

I'm prepared to start my 3 month journey to become my office's biggest loser and make a couple hundred bucks in the process. And I'm also ready to start what I said would be my theme for February.

Weigh in: 228, baby.
I've made it my mission to lose those 6 pounds by Saturday. Cross your fingers.