My Jeep is

My Jeep is quiet like a Cadillac now.

Yesterday my dad and I spent around 6 hours outside in 37 degree weather with no gloves on holding bare, cold metal. There was a lot of laying on my back, reaching into the guts of my poor Wrangler and trying to avoid the chips of metal and paint that fell on my face. Add to that it was freezing as shit, and you had an uphappy camper or 2. We ran out of daylight, heat, motivation, time, and patience, and ended up sending the 'ole girl to a muffler shop to have them finish the job. It was done as of this morning, and she's quieter than she ever was. Don't get me started on the catalytic converter, though. I'll never stop.

Last night was Hoops night with Alan, Jenny, and, unfortunately, Fuller. He sat there being annoying to me constantly. Then Alan invited him back to my place, so I went to bed early to avoid him. Fun times. Or not.

This morning I took Bryan J. out to breakfast, then went to pick up my car, then came to work and have been here, bored as shit, ever since. I love myjob when I'm at Grand Prarie watching a 42" plasma TV while making money, but hate it when I'm at a mall kiosk sitting on a hard stool for the exact same amount. Funny how that works.