my leg is freaking killing me.

So, marathon training rolls on. I'm doing pretty well, keeping up with the schedule and getting my running time in and all that fun stuff. My left leg started hurting a bit the other day, and against my better judgement I went ahead and ran 12 miles on it. Now its hurting really bad.

Still, I can't afford to take any time off or wait for it to recover. I am doing a little more cross training on my recumbant bike than my schedule allows, but for the most part I'm just popping aspirin and running on a really sore leg. Remarkably, it stops hurting just a bit into my run, but I pay the price for it the next morning. I've done some research into the problem, and I don't think I'm causing any permanent damage. Just a bit of discomfort. Which is the main point of marathon training, it seems.