My weekend wasn't

My weekend wasn't as sit-aroundy as I would have liked, but it was good. Friday was Kouri's night, but at Gorman's this week. We had delicious hot wings and delicious beer. After all the couples went their separate ways, I went home and watched some TV with my dog.

Saturday I did some various errands around the house and worked on a few projects. Wolford, Tiffany, Mullens, and I went to see Saw that afternoon, which I liked, but like less the more I think about it. Mullens and I went out to a new bar, American Pie, for a couple of beers. We ended up staying really late with a couple of guest visitors, and eventually went to Steak 'n Shake for a post-beer dinner. Fun stuff.

Halloween, I spent the morning working on my projects and playing with my dog. Around 4, Angie and I went out to my parent's house to see Jack and Peter (Thomas the Train and Spiderbaby, respectively). Then to her parent's house to see her cousins, where we met up with Alan. Then back to her place to drink 40's, pass out candy, and eat Avanti's while watching horror movies on USA. The perfect evening.

Fact: My dad has polio and walks with a limp. When I was in gradeschool, people used to ask why my dad "walked like that", and I would start crying.

Memory: My 21st birthday, we had a party at Angie's house on Main Street. When it came time to pass out, Alan and I insisted we didn't need blankets and would be fine without them. We woke up the next morning, each of us cuddled very close to Stephanie trying to use a scrap of her blanket. Good times.