Not a bad

Not a bad weekend, considering. Friday night was Jaimee's last night with the gang, and we went to Kouri's, as per usual. I wasn't feeling up to the Richard's trip later that night, so I went to bed early.

Saturday morning was the day. Jaimee left. It was sad. I took a few hours afterwards to mope around and not do anything. I called Mullens who was actually pretty considerate and nice about the whole thing. Angie and I went out to visit him at his mom's restaurant and ate lunch. She went to work and I went home, and an hour or 2 later, Alan stopped by to see if I was doing okay. Fabish called a little while later, as did my parents and sister. It was nice to have that many people worry about me enough to take some time out of their day to help a brotha out.

That night Mullens, Alan and I went to Hooters, drank some beer and ate some wings and looked at some hot girls in tight clothes. Mullens treated me to Karaoke night at Jimmy's, which wasn't as bad as I had expected. Brynn stopped by with her boyfriend, and Angie came by after work. Dave Sutton and his crazy girlfriend also stopped and said hi. We went downtown for a bit after that, and I proceeded to get extremely, ridiculously drunk. But it was fun.

Sunday I spent hungover, watching Tremors 3 and 4, both of which were actually better than 2, and feeling sorry for myself, all while trying to keep myself hydrated and popping aspirin. Alan stopped by again at around 5, and we ordered some pizza and watched some TV. The pizza made me feel about a thousand times better, so we went to see Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, which had its moments but overall wasn't as funny as I expected.

My house is already messy, and I haven't really felt like cleaning it. Things aren't miserable, though. Life goes on.