From now on

From now on, I will never go out without my own vehicle present. I'm getting sick and tired of people changing plans in the middle of the night, forcing me to either be somewhere I don't want to be or drive someone else's car home, making it a big event when it comes to exchanging keys, making plans for pick up, etc. Never again.

That said, I went out to Gorman's with Mullens and some other toolbox, drank some cheap brew and ate some good wings. Then he went out with toolbox and a few others, and dropped me off at Kouri's where Angie was there with other toolboxes. She'd said she would be leaving around the same time I got there, but plans were changed again, so I stayed long enough to introduce myself to her friends and figure out I was way cooler than they were. Then I took Angie's car home.

Tonight is my formal dinner dance.