Okay so this

Okay, so, this is a friends-only post. Basically, I didn't get the job at Pudik. And, basically, it's because of this here journal. And, basically, I'm extremely happy about not getting it, and surprisingly, am not depressed and realize it's all for the best. I didn't need it, and I don't want it. In retrospect. For now, it sucks. Tomorrow, it will be okay. And it will be a relief. Details will be made available... well, maybe never, depending on... well.. stuff. But I'm still unemployed with a couple of potential leads.

And it's important for me to remember (as well as everyone reading this...) everything happens for a reason. It's really important. God, or whoever, didn't want me to have this job, and therefore, I can't be angry or upset that it's not going to be given to me. While I'm not a religious man, I know that God wouldn't ass fuck me for fun. This is how things are supposed to be, and I'm happy. Relieved, even. And validated. And fuck anyone who can't see how talented I am and how much I would help their company. Fuck them to hell. I'm better than that.

Go me. I'm happy.