Optimus Prime

So I'm back from a little trip to Gulf Shores. I had a great time, and my nephews seemed to enjoy themselves too. Lucy is getting more personality every day, and smiled at me every time I looked at her despite the fact that I don't think I did a single thing for her the entire trip.

I also introduced Jack to the Transformers, since he was aching to watch some cartoons and I happened to have an episode on my iPod for him. He loved them almost as much as I did when I was his age, his favorite being, of course, Optimus Prime. Now I just need to get him to stop liking Spiderman and start liking Superman, and we'll be good to go. I may really push my luck and try to get him into Inspector Gadget. Who wouldn't love Inspector Gadget?

Anyway, the trip was good. It was kind of a blow to my system to get back to the freezing Illinois weather after the nice Gulf Shores weather, but it was worth it. And yes, I'm sunburned.

Oh, and I think I've secured my first movie role! Details soonish.