Oy! So the

Oy! So, the interview was good. It lasted 2 hours. It was a really good interview... not a lot of silences, and a good dialogue about not just work, but also hobbies and some joking around. We got along well. It was good. They said my "body of work" was "impressive". I think it was their way of telling me that they noticed I've been working out.

Uh... so, they didn't hire me on the spot as some people, myself included, predicted they would. The owner said there was 3 candidates up for the position and they hadn't decided how many to hire. It's possible, although unlikely, that all 3 would be hired. The tour was awesome... the creative department was what I wished Iona was... a huge room with computers, drawing tables, art supplies, toys, movie posters, music... it was really an environment that encouraged creativity rather than smothered it, like Iona was.

The only discouraging thing about the interview was that the owner mentioned that he was looking for a traditional illustrator with animation experience and a background in graphic design. I'm by no means a graphic designer, and my design skillz are average at best. Still, though, I doubt that many people in Peoria can do what I do. Not to be cocky. Ah, fuck it. I'm the best.

The only thing that bothered me was their no compete clause. 2 years or 150 miles. That sucks. A lot. But, I understand. This company does work for big name clients, and they do big name jobs. 1 week of vacation my first year, 2 weeks after my first year is complete. 8 paid holidays, health, life, and dental insurance, and, most importantly, a SALARY. Thank God for consistent pay checks.

He didn't say when I'd know something for sure, but he said it would be soon. So keep your fingers crossed if you're the supernatural type, and if you're the religious type, pray. I really want, and more importantly, really need this job.