Podcast, cars, and other crap, oh my!

Well, my car continues to completely rule, getting about 40mpg in the city and 50 or more on the highway. I finally figured out how to use the automatic lights and automatic windshield wipers, which I know should have been really easy on account of them being... ya know... automatic. I'm even getting good at the remote thing that I hit twice to unlock all doors. I could never get the hang of that with my friend's cars.

Anyhoo, the horror podcast is going awesome! We've got a small (as in, very small) following already with people subscribing to our YouTube channel and emailing us comments and such. But the coolest thing is that one of the guys who worked on "The Seekers", one of the flicks we reviewed, emailed us! How cool is that?! So he's going to send us some more movies to review. He didn't seem too offended by our comments about his movie and in fact just seemed stoked that people watched it. I know the feeling.

So the podcast is moving along at a pretty good clip, which is awesome. It feels good to actually complete some video projects again, even if they're amateur and feature "haphazzard transitions". It's still fun to create stuff and have people watch it and send comments. Wolfie and I should have done this a long, long time ago.

Other than that, man, it seems like I've bit off maybe a little more than I can chew with this life of mine. Well, that might not be quite true, but it's close. A few months ago when my life kind of took an unexpected turn, I decided the best route for me to take was to stay busy, and stay busy I have, taking on side projects, a part-time teaching job, doing my own projects, and not reserving much time to sit around and do nothing... one of my favorite activities. I'm not burned out yet, but I feel like maybe I need to cut some of this nonsense out. I guess everything feels more frantic during the holidays, but I'm not used to a life that doesn't allow me a lot of "laid back" time. But I'm getting there.

Okay, and one last thing before I end this insanely long post... I got some bad news about a close family member this week which really hit close to home for me and is kind of weighing on my mind more than I thought it would. It's just weird when you think you know someone so well... someone who has been in your life for so long and has shared virtually everything with you and you believe you can trust with your life, and they shit all over all of it. I've lived through my fair share of people crapping on me and disrespecting me in the worst possible way, but it's even worse when I have to watch other people go through it on their own, in an even worse position than I was in if you want to break it down.

It's hard to stay non-judgemental and optimistic in the face of all these people who pretend to be good people, but will lie, cheat, steal, abuse, and shit all over the people they claim to love. It's rough. And unfortunately it's the good people  of the planet to get the brunt of these attacks. But in my regular optimistic spirit, I'll also add that the people who get shit on are also some of the best equipped to deal with being shit on and have some of the best support to get them through the tough times. I had a lot of people there to help me out, and now it's my turn to step in as one of the helpers. I'm glad to do that.