Hey, okay, so I'm closing in on my last days at the insurance company. I talked to my boss about figuring out my last day here so I can plan accordingly for my future, and the date we came up with was August 29. My last day here and, hopefully, my last day with any type of "real" full-time employment.

August 29 didn't mean much to me at the time. It's just a random Friday... nothing special about that. I thought I could take the weekend off and start my new career on Monday, September 1.

But that date rang a bell in a big way. Last time I tried this freelancing thing, my first day as a freelancer was September 1, 2001. Exactly 7 years later. Wow. At the time I was keeping a LiveJournal, so I went back to see how I felt about my life on August 31 of 2001, and 1 paragraph particularly rings true, even today:

"I'm still confident in my decision. Even in the face of all the
risks, I know it was right for me. Even knowing that it's possible that
I'll fail miserably and end up working at a company either the same or
worse than Iona, I know that I have to try. I would hate to be working
here for the next 15 years, only to look back and wonder what would
have happened if I had tried something else."

Okay, so it didn't work out so well last time. But only quitters would give up on their dream after 1 attempt. I'm still about 6 weeks out from the start of my new career and, let's face it, my new life, but the end is in sight and I'm feeling great about everything.

Life is awesome.