Polk ditched me

Polk ditched me on Friday, opting to "work" instead of "drink". Instead I grabbed Kouri's with Zarr before meeting up with Brian and Kathleen. We caught up and had a good time down at Kelleher's before calling it a night. I stopped by Alan's house for a bit before turning in for the night.

Saturday I was up bright and early to go to breakfast with my parents for Father's Day. It was excellent. I spent some time ripping up the carpet in my spare bedroom and tossing it out the window, which was a lot of fun. That night I went to Alan's to cook some Cheddar Wursts. It turned into a bigger party than I expected, actually. I went home around 11. I woke up bright and early again on Sunday and sat around for a while before grabbing some Taco Bell. I took my regular jog. But the interesting stuff happened later.

I had Angie's dog at my house since she was working a long shift. I was upstairs scraping up bits of carpet padding in the spare bedroom when I heard my neighbor yelling at the dogs outside. I ran to the window and saw them digging at a hole. "Ah, crap", I thought, but I was glad it wasn't a huge deal or huge hole. I ran outside to yell at them, and my neighbor was already in my yard grabbing the dogs by the collar. "Weird," I thought, since normally a neighbor wouldn't go to lengths this far to punish a dog that wasn't theirs.

It turns out that the dogs had found a rabbit's nest with 7 or 8 little bunnies in it and were trying to play them them. They weren't doing a very good job. I shoved the dogs inside where they spent the rest of the day. I read up on the internet about baby rabbits and what to do in a situation like mine to make sure most survive, and the basic advice was to leave them alone. I did move the ones that had been thrown out of the nest back inside it. None of them looked TOO beat up, except for one. I hope they all turn out okay.

Oh yeah, and if I cared enough I'd put this back into chronological order, but I don't. Angie and I went to the Olde English Faire thing this weekend. And man, that was an event. I find it remarkable how... um... unusual those people are. But it was fun, and the home made ice cream was delicious.