Post, damn it.

Alright LJers, I'm getting sick and tired of constantly checking my friend's list only to be disappointed by the lack of updates. Sick and tired!

I also realize that as summers come to a close, social lives tend to become a little less busy and topics on which to post pop up less frequently. After so many months of me posting about my drunken fun times, it seems silly to report on the latest episode of Celebrity Fit Camp, doesn't it? Not that there's anything wrong with a little Celebrity Fit Camp every now and then (rock on, Phil!).

So, I haven't done hardly anything of note this week, hence the lack of updates. I'm taking full advantage of that unlimited Blockbuster rental thing, and am tempted to switch to NetFlix for more variety except that I like physically picking movies up. Plus the walk to the big BB does my waistline good.

The new love of my life is Coke Zero. I've spent the last 3 or 4 years now skipping from one variety of diet soda to another, and Coke Zero is my lastest infatuation. Next week it'll be something different. Mr. Pibb was the only soda to maintain an infatuation with me for several years. That was a quality beverage.

Big plans this weekend, too! Oh, no, I'm making that up. There's rumors of Rib Fest at some point, although its up in the air. I do have to mow my lawn.

Oh, man, last night sucked. I was minding my business watching Ringu 2 when I decided a Propel was in order. Opening the Propel bottle is harder than it should be, with a cellophane wrapper, then you take off the lid and rip away the tin foil thing, then reassemble before you can actually drink anything. As I twisted off the cap, a bastard piece of sharp plastic lodged itself into my middle finger and as I twisted the bottle, ripped chunks of flesh off. Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit, but this stupid asshole bottle should have been better machined to prevent things like this from happening to its loyal consumer. It happened about 3 more times during my cinematic experience as I twisted open the bottle top to drink. No, it didn't dawn on me to leave it open after the 2nd time. Or 3rd.

This, my loyal friends and readers, has been a ridiculously long and boring entry, but I hope it serves as a temporary distraction from your job or whatever you're reading this to distract you from. Now help a brotha out and post something equally uninteresting for me to read.