Power Outrage

So, the weekend sucked. It got off to a crappy start on Friday with a massive ice storm, making a chunk of the city completely off limits to a car like mine which is terrible in the snow. Friday also brought with it a "temporary" power outage at my house. They promised it would return by 1PM, so I went about my day, shoveling my driveway and doing various chores that don't require electricity.

I took Hill to the airport for her trip to Houston, and called a buddy to help me kill some time before my power was back on. A few hours later it still wasn't on, and estimates of "a few hours" steadily increased until I got the vague "no accurate predictions can be made". I knew at that point that I'd be without power for a while. I packed up a few necessities and spent the night at my parents' house.

I kept checking the status of my power on my local electric company's website. The page read "Power Outage", which I misread as "Power Outrage" every single time I visited the site. Power was finally restored on Sunday and life resumed as normal, except that I missed a few key days to get a lot of work done and clean the house. After my long weekend away, I had gotten no work done and returned to a very cold and very messy house. It was bad times.

However, all is forgotten now. Power has been restored, life is back on track, work is getting done, and I can forge ahead into the holidays.