Well, I thought it would never happen as the gears must turn really slowly in the land of tech blogs, but I finally got my contract to start my part-time, contracted career as a blogger/writer. Who woulda ever thought that people would be paying me for my opinions and thoughts on my favorite company? It's pretty crazy. Now all I need is someone to pay me for my opinion on horror movies and my life will be complete. And, actually, the blog "family" I am now a member of has a cinema/entertainment division, so maybe that thought isn't as totally ridiculous as it sounds.

Anyway, in an effort to become a better blogger for cash I suppose I should take more pride in my personal blog. As they say, practice makes perfect, and if you track my frequency of posts here you can see that practice is not my strong suit. So this is another one of my many resolutions... update this blog despite the fact that I may have nothing interesting or new to post about. Since no one reads this thing anyway I can feel free to be random, right? So onto the randomness.

Hill grew up in a very girl-oriented home and has therefore missed out on many staples of important cinema. Now that all these sequels/remakes are coming out, I try to get her interested in the originals despite some of them looking very dated. Tonight, we watched Terminator. The music and fashion was horrifying, but it's still a classic. I think she'll be more impressed by T2.

It was a pretty dreary Memorial Day, but I still celebrated just a bit by heading out to my parents' house with my cousin to eat some brauts and eat some chips. We couldn't eat outside on account of the rain, but it was still a nice little lunch.

I'm having server issues in my career. Again. I think I found a nice replacement for my soon-defunct current site, but it does mean transferring all my hosted sites. Again. I'm getting sick of moving websites. It is absolutely my least favorite thing in my career to do, without a doubt.

I've got a handful of great web clients now and some relatively consistent income from my hosting/existing client base. It may be time for me to take a brief "time out" to focus more on my art and illustration and get some work in that field. Or maybe pursue an online comic or something... I'm keeping my options open since I haven't really pursued anything on that front since going freelance.

That's the end of this random post. The ultimate goal is for these posts to be more consistent, and focused, and funnier. I know I'm a long way from that, and man did I miss the mark with this post. But I'll get better, I hope.