Okay, okay. Time for my New Year's resolution.

I was cleaning up my house a little bit yesterday and realized that I don't really act like a normal person most of the time in regards to my house. For example, I'll get the mail when I come inside, but then I just throw it on the table and leave it there for weeks before I finally just toss the entire pile (the logic being that if I haven't needed that stuff for a few weeks, I never will).

Anyway, I also threw away old TV dinner trays discarded next to the microwave, a full 3 feet from the garbage can. And it dawned on me that it would probably be easier to just throw away the tray instead of storing it near the microwave for a week before throwing it away.

So this has been a really long explanation, but to sum it up: My resolution is to make my life a little simpler and more organized by opening my mail when I get it, throw away things I don't need immediately, and continue trying to cut out the stuff I don't need. I haven't forgotten about the "simplification" kick I got into a few months ago... just took some time off. I'm still getting rid of more stuff than I'm getting, which is good.