To the right

To the right is an awesome photo of me and Mullens. I think I'm showing my molars for some reason, which caused a droopy eyelid and an overall very flattering picture.

So, Friday was dinner at Bennigan's, which was expensive and they didn't encourage the sit-around-and-drink-and-talk that our normal hang outs do. The Monte Christo looked good, but I didn't partake. My stomach is still healing from my horrible illness.

Yesterday I saw Polar Express with my nephew and a whole slew of other people. It was okay, but Jack sure wasn't impressed by it. He wanted to leave. Last night was a dinner with a couple of married people and Angie. We went back to one of the married people's houses to play poker, where I came in a disappointing 3rd place to, and get this, the TWO WIVES. The guys and Angie were just sort of scratching our heads and chalking it up to luck. I like to think I finished in first place of people who knew what they were doing.

Today I think I'm going to work on portraits, then set up my Christmas tree and maybe even wrap Christmas presents, depending on how motivated I am. Big day.