In all my eBay transactions and whatnot, I've gotten used to scammers. It may be prejudice, but if I see the bidder is from Nigeria I immediately remove their bid. I don't do international shipping. I constantly get emails from people who want to send me a check for more than the amount of the item, then cash of the difference along with the item... things like that. For the most part I just delete their messages and move on, since I don't want to play games with them and the post office and tell them my address and such.

I didn't know that putting my home on would also attract these same scammers. This guy from India apparently wants to buy my house, sight unseen, give me $10,000 more than I'm asking for it, and make the check out for an extra $20,000 so I can send his "business partner" money for the closing, lawyer's fees, etc.

I don't believe any of this for even a split second, obviously. But I figure in this case, a little game playing can't hurt. I mean, he already knows my name, phone number, and address from the listing. I no longer live at the house whose address he knows. So I said "sure, send me the check!" Once I get it, I'll just send him a polite email telling him he's a filthy idiot for conning people out of money, frame the check, and delight in the fact that he wasted money on postage and a fake check.

Oh, and the 4th was awesome, and this weekend will also be awesome.