So the days

So, the days are running together into 1 gloriously long TV show at this point, with brief commercial interruptions for working on refinishing my chairs. It's a wonderful life. Until around 3 PM, I thought today was Tuesday.

I've been trying to keep myself busy though, which is proving to be difficult. I could clean, I guess, but I hate cleaning. A lot.

But, my spirits have improved considerably. I guess I've gotten pretty used to being worthless. Or maybe I'm just getting more optimistic about this job I may or may not have.

Tonight is Jimmy's, and since I think Mullens is working, it will either be cheap or free. And, of course, free popcorn, which, yes, is my dinner, and yes, I realize this sentence had far too many commas, but I think they were all used accurately.

I know that I cut my fingernails on the couch while watching TV, but it still bothers me to death when I hear Alan doing it. I don't know why. Someone please explain this phenomenon.