So the freelance

So, the freelance world for me has fizzled and died, and I find it increasingly more difficult to spend the time it takes to actually get the jobs. I'm really banking on this illustration position working out, so if it doesn't, I'll probably have to go back to Kinko's or something for a while. And that would suck, suck, suck, suck ass. But, I gots bills to pay and whatnot.

Last night was a free night out on the town because Mullens was tending bar at Jimmy's. It was a fun night with lots of people. The weekend was significantly less eventful, since I'm broke all the time. Saturday night I went to a barbeque at Fabish's which consisted of me and 3 married couples. Weird. Weird. Weird. And more weird. Sunday I tried to squeeze in Kouri's amongst other, premade plans, but failed. Barely failed, but failed.