So on Friday

So on Friday, Polk, Jim, Schwa and I went to Koui's and had our weekly beer/greasy food fest. After Jim left, his girlfriend came over and talked to us. Apparently she's my neighbor. Who knew? She's our favorite waitress because she always gives us the higgity hook up on the beer prices.

After that, I went to Jimmy's and tried to spend as little as possible. I did a pretty good job of it, too. On Saturday I spent my last $4 on dinner from Taco Bell, so I was forced to take a night off to watch movies. Around 10, I get 2 phone calls in a row. 1 from Jenny and Thuy, saying they'd buy me a drink if I met them at Jimmy's. While putting my shoes on for that event, Fabish called and asked if I wanted to come watch a movie and drink beers. So, I stayed at Jimmy's for exactly 1 beer, then headed to Fabish's to watch Kentucky Fried Movie, which wasn't nearly as funny as I remember it being when I watched it in high school. Lots of nudity though, which is always good.