So hungry, and no money to eat with.

So Pudik Graphics just called again, and moved my interview up from September 10th to tomorrow. The lady I spoke with asked if I could come in "Tomorrow. Or possibly the next day. As soon as possible." Is this good? Is this bad? Does this mean absolutely nothing? We'll find out tomorrow, I suppose.

In other news, being out of work and bored most of the time with no income and no hope of getting income has really taken it's toll and life has lost virtually all meaning to me. Why wake up? What do I have to do today besides walk downstairs and watch TV? The interview at Pudik is at least a reason to wake up tomorrow. Hopefully they'll give me a job and I'll start very very soon, getting a consistent paycheck and paying off these god forsaken credit cards that have been killing me for the last couple years.

In other news, for those of you keeping track at home, virtually everything that I said happened on Saturday night didn't actually happen. I did, however, mock Catholicism, but the company wasn't very mixed and I knew no one would be offended. And I got kind of drunk. But other than that, all lies.