So I  went

So I  went out to dinner last night with Angie's family. One of the bigger topics discussed: The likelihood that I went to gradeschool with a serial killer. They've arrested the guy I went to gradeschool with, but apparently it was only on evading police or something like that. The guy actually indicted on the serial killings is that guy's roommate. There's reason to believe that he may have had a hand in it, and definitely knew about it. Anyway, kind of freaky I guess, but it was freakier when I thought my gradeschool friend was doing the killing.

Anyway, this is my official announcement that I will not be attending our Friday night shindig this week. I'm taking some leftover vacation days I need to use up and have a 4 day weekend. Friday will be spent doing nothing in particular, including but not limited to, not removing my pajamas. I know that's a terrible excuse to skip out on the Friday night, but technically I'm on vacation and, in theory, not even in town. So there's that. Maybe we can do something on Saturday or Sunday or Monday night.