So I ate

So, I ate lunch with my parents and had a big long talk about me, my life, my goals, etc.

I said that this multimedia thing isn't working out for me. I already had, and quit, a position at one of the multimedia places in central Illinois I could work at, and another I was blacklisted from. There's about 2 other big firms, and a handful of small ones, but none are hiring of course because the economy sucks. So I told them that, for now, my plan is to get a full time job doing shit work (IE- anything I possibly can get) and then get a part time job to finish making ends meet. It's a shit goal, really. And I have no idea how long I'd need to do that before another position opened up. So they presented to me a plan which makes a whole helluvalotta sense.

I go back to school, get a shitload of financial aid, finish up my degree, and be an art teacher. In 3 years, all of Peoria will need new teachers, since all the teachers right now are old. There's tons of perks to this plan. Here we go.

  1. It's a damn plan. It's a future. It's a goal. It's something to put my mind to and look forward to, rather than think I'll spend the rest of my life in a shit job which is only making ends meet.
  2. I get to be the art teacher I loved when I was a kid. Even if I only meet 1 future artist every 10 years, it will be worth it to encourage them to pursue art, to talk to their parents and encourage them to send them to summer art classes, like my art teachers did with me. I'd actually be making a difference.
  3. The hours and vacation time can't be beat with a stick. 3 months off every year to do my own thing, try and start my own side business, or try to get more mural and portrait work, since I realize teachers don't get paid a lot.
  4. Retirement. I'd actually have a retirement plan. Amazing in today's society.
  5. Financial aid. There'll never be a better time to go back to school than now, when I don't have to claim my parents' income and mine is virtually nil. I may get all of school paid for, with some extra to pay my bills.

So I'm calling ISU and Western and a few other choice schools tomorrow and see what they have for me. I've already got an associates, so it shouldn't take more than 2 years to finish up my degree and be ready to teach. I don't imagine I'll start before January, so until then, it's all about finding shit work. I've already called an employment agency or 2 around here to see if they can find me something, anything, in the mean time.

Anyway, I feel good about this plan. And, if nothing else, at least it's something.