So I borrowed

So, I borrowed my dad's truck yesterday to help Jaimee move some stuff to storage and to my apartment. In the process, I ran into a huge concrete post and banged up the fender pretty good. I felt so awesome about it. I've been driving and borrowing my parent's cars on occassion for more than 6 years now, and all of the sudden I start hitting non-moving objects.

Beyond that, not a lot is happening. I'm trying to squeeze in some quality time before Jaimee goes to Albaqueerkey. I'm taking care of this house buying stuff. I'm working on a comic. I'm hunting for a job. I'm a bit stressed, preoccupied, and tired. A lot of stuff is hitting me at once. My responsibilities as a groomsman, paying for the hotel, the tux, the wedding gift, and figuring out the "guest" situation to the wedding and the shower, buying a house, filing my taxes, not finding a job, not having money, my girlfriend moving thousands of miles away, denting my dad's truck, and not having money for things I NEED, much less things I WANT. It all sucks. But I don't want to bitch and moan. It's not nice.

The good part is that I'm moving into a house. And I'm pretty sure I got that job at Speedcolor. So that will eliminate a lot of money issues, which is a good thing. And I get all of Jaimee's food when she goes. And her bed. And those are good, too. Those are the bright sides, I guess.