So I heard

So I heard a conversation earlier between 2 40ish types. Both looked in reasonable shape for their age. Then they mentioned how they started "exercising", by taking a walk.

Let me interject something for a second. I think walking is great, and I wouldn't discourage it. However, I think calling it "execise" is a stretch. It helps with weight loss and burns calories, sure, but it doesn't really get you "in shape", which I guess is the distinction for me.

Anyway, whatever. This person who mentioned walking followed the statement by "for half an hour", then followed that by saying how tired she was and woke up in pain. From a walk! A walk! Walking! The most basic human function which she'd been doing for like 38 years!

It's no secret that since I've started exercising again, its been a little more painful and harder than it was last time. I don't want to end up 40 and having trouble walking, so I'm working out with more resolve than ever before. Tonight was a 2 mile jog, followed by weight lifting for the first time in 5 or 6 months (and my arms will kill tomorrow, I reckon), and in about half an hour I'm taking a bike ride to Polk's for Last Comic Standing, in which Gary, John, and... uh... Alonzo? will move on to the next round.

And my legs hurt. No pain, no gain, bitches.