So I spent

So I spent Monday night watching Battle of the Sexes and working on the 'ole comic book. I'm both proud and happy that my work hasn't really slowed down, and I'm not really bored with working on it yet. Maybe I'll actually finish it and get it published. That would be awesome.

My dad came over to work on his CD. I'm pretty convinced that it's never, ever going to get finished at this point. I may just have to take drastic measures and lie to him. Tell him that there's no room left for any more pictures or text. That'll learn him real good.

Then last night Wolford came back into town, so we went to dinner and went to see Polk. Tonight is Hoops night. Today I have a couple of business meetings for money. That's right, kids, FREELANCING business meetings. Next week I also have to teach a class of 5 year olds about art. That should be fun.