So I worked

So, I worked all day at Bibo's today, getting home at around 5:00. My answering machine was blinking. It was Jack Pudik, of Pudik Graphics, wanting to talk to me. I had almost gone home on my lunch break to check my messages, but convinced myself that there would be no message.

Anyhoo, Jack was out of the office when I tried to call back, so I'll call back bright and early tomorrow morning for... bum bum BUM! THE FINAL DECISION! I think. We'll see.

David warned me that the phone call would be a mini-third interview. So... yeah. I think it's encouraging that the owner called... I would think that bad news would mean a person a bit lower on the totem pole would call me. But we'll find out at 8 AM tomorrow morning, and I'll post here immediately since I'm sure everyone (no one) reading this cares a lot.

Tonight was Hoops. I ran into Noodle, of Rad Jose fame. That's 1 nice guy, right there.