So Kouri's was

So Kouri's was just me and Jim for quite a while, but then Jenny and Dayv and Randy and Bryan all showed up. They weren't there for long before we headed to Kelleher's to hang out with Polk and Polk's family. Much fun was had, and much Honey Weiss was consumed. It's odd that I hang out with Polk's family more than I hang out with my own.

We left for Sully's but stopped by UPN to park and pee. While wandering aimlessly around the station, Alan picked me up over his head and tossed me on the ground, right on my back. The carpet there is... well... basically nonexistant, and I'm pretty sure it didn't cushion my fall at all. Alan has sure been getting violent while drinking lately. Twice in a row he beat the living shit out of my shoulders and back for no good reason, and now he tosses me from 6 feet up onto a hard concrete floor. The bastard. I laid there for about 45 minutes, trying to heal and make sure my back wasn't broken. I'm not fully convinced that it wasn't. It hurts like a mother fucker today.

Then we headed to Sully's. I normally hate Sully's with a passion, but last night wasn't so bad. Cross Eyed Josh, Dub, Forrest, and a few others who I'm forgetting were there. We also ran into Alan's crush Jamie, a girl from high school, Erin Sullivan, and the weirdest encounter of the night, Rachel Bradford. Now, Rachel is a pretty girl and a few years younger than me. She seems like the type who gets hit on a lot, so I'm sure she was a bit surprised when I came up to her, tapped her on the shoulder, and opened the conversation with "You're Rachel Bradford, right? Can I have your mom's phone number?" Rachel's mom was my high school art teacher and the person who encouraged me to go to art school and pursue a career as an artist. She got me meetings with various higher-ups at various art schools, and even got me back to Notre Dame a couple times to help out at her art classes during breaks from college. She doesn't work at Notre Dame anymore and has remarried, leaving me no way to contact her again. Rachel wouldn't give me her number, but she took mine and promised to give it to her mom. I hope she actually does, and doesn't just consider our conversation a thinly veiled attempt at hitting on her.

So that was my night. And today, in about 10 minutes, I'm leaving to see Pearl Jam at Alpine Valley for a 3rd time. I'm a big fan of Pearl Jam.

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