So last night

So last night was Fabish and Amy's shower. All of us groomsmen were there, with the exception of one. It was a good time to be had by all, and I ate some really, really, really, really good food. Some sort of pork, I was told.

Not much else happening. Now that Jaimee's gone and I'm a bit lonely and depressed, it's getting really hard to resist just making the 20 foot walk to McDonald's and getting a #4 value meal. I will stand tall! I will succeed! No McDonald's for me until I lose another 25 pounds. Although, I did promise myself McDonalds when I hit 220, which was 25 pounds ago. God, I'm hungry.

Today I'm sitting around in my own filth. No, I still haven't cleaned or put away any of Jaimee's stuff, so I don't really have any kitchen counter. I'm going to watch TV and work on my comic. Starting tomorrow I'll be productive, work on my dad's CD, clean, and various other things I've been putting off.