So last night

So last night was Hoops night. Usually it takes about 25 minutes to get from my apartment to Hoops. Last night I caught every single green light. Every single one. It was amazing. I got there about 15 minutes early, sat down, and ordered a drink. Since it's $6 pitcher night for Killians, I ordered a pitcher and felt like such a lonely drunk. I also told the waitress I needed 2 glasses since a friend was coming. She gave me a half-smile like she felt sorry for me and said okay. But then she only brought 1 glass. I think she thought I was lying and I had no friends. But such is life.

For most of the night, it was me, Alan, and Angie. Steph stopped by for a little while too, which was weird. Good conversation, good food, and Alan told me I'll probably be his best man at his wedding. That was weird too. But good weird, since I considered myself out of the running in the best man category, since Fabish opted for his brother (what chump).

Uh, not much else happening. I sold my Nintendo Computer for almost $700. That should help with the closing costs of the house.