So the movie

So, the movie industry and unavailability of any other option has driven me to piracy once again. I downloaded a DVD edition of Shaun of the Dead made from the DVD release in England. For those who haven't seen it,

So, this movie rocked my nuts off hardcore. First, it was hilarious because, honestly, this is probably what would happen if there really was a zombie attack. For the first day or 2, people would barely notice and there wouldn't be any kind of warnings or anything about it. Also, when its 1 guy vs. 1 zombie, there's really nothing to be scared of. I'm not much of a man (kind of like Shaun), but I don't think I'd hesitate to walk around outside with 4 or 5 zombies nearby. They're really not much of a threat.

It wasn't nearly as cheesy-funny as the commercials made it out to be. It was actually smart-funny with bits of horror sprinkled here and there. My favorite exchange was when Ed and Shaun were trying to call the police regarding a couple of zombies in their back yard.

Ed : Shaun, did you call the police?
Shaun : Shit, it's engaged! Ed : How about an ambulance?
Shaun : It's engaged, Ed.
Ed : A fire engine?
Shaun : It's one number, Ed, and it's busy! Okay? What you want a fire engine for, anyway?
Ed : Anything with flashing lights, you know?

Then there was the nods to other horror movies. Asking for Ash at the store check in? Brilliant. "We're coming to get you, Barbara!" Awesome.

It was very obviously a horror movie fan behind the wheel, both directing and acting. I'm sick of crap like Scary Movie where it's pure comedy. This one didn't have any of that self-referential bullshit nonsense in it, just pure comedy and pure horror at the same time.

I recommend it to everyone.

So, after my awesome movie, I finished painting my floor in my exercise room. A second coat will be put on tomorrow, and then it's ready for use. Sweet.