So my birthday

So, my birthday was pretty much awesome.

There was a rugby game which I watched and, by the end, even kind of understood a little bit. Mullens ran around naked at the end, which I could have done without, but was funny regardless.

Then there was the barbeque. I made out with a duct tape wallet and canvas doors for the Jeep, compliments of Angie, Alan, and Mullens. Then was Jimmy's, where I got wasted. Man, I'm 25 now... I can't drink like I used to. After just 10 hours of fun and beer, I was ready to call it a day and head home. Which I did.

I spent Sunday half hungover, but still participated in an Alzheimers walk before eating dinner with my family at Ned Kelly's. It was delicious, as per usual. After that, I saw Cellular which was just as good as I expected.

My family did well with presents, too. I made out with an ottoman, some pillows, some cash, and a gift card to Lowes. The people at work gave me a gift card to Chili's and The Rave, which was very kind of them. And I treated myself to a new cell phone which takes video and has a color screen on the outside for picture caller ID. It's pretty swell, if I do say so myself (which I do).

And now I'm 25, which seems a lot less significant than 24 ever did. I'm not sure why, exactly. Maybe it's because when I turned 24, I was unemployed, broke, and mooching off anyone who would let me. Now, a year later, I have a good job and am in more of a place a 25 year old should be. Yeah, I'll assume that's why I'm not as bothered by the birthday.