So on my

So on my jog yesterday, I was jogging down the alley towards the park when I spotted the sweetest piece of garbage that someone was just tossing away! I couldn't believe it. So I finished my run and picked it up on the way and took it home. And its friggin' sweet.

It's one of those old free-standing radios with a turntable built in. It doesn't work, but its still awesome. I spent a few hours sanding it and painting it. Its now just a hollow shell of a unit, and my plan is to turn it into a stereo cabinet with one of my many junk computers in it to play MP3s. It should be a quick and fun project.

Anyway, the rest of my Sunday was spent tweaking the moblog (which is nearly done, finally), jogging, walking, and not eating a whole lot.

In other news, because of my difficulties in getting to sleep last night, I've decided to extend my bed time and see what kind of horrible effects it has on me, my diet, and my exercise regamine. Hopefully they'll all be positive. Starting tonight, my bedtime is 11:30 instead of 10:30. Wish me luck.