So not eating

So, not eating totally sucks.

Yesterday I hung out with my nephews and my sister and brother-in-law and parents. We went to Tanner's. I had noticed myself feeling lethargic and not more tired than usual, and I knew it was my lack of food. So I gave in and ate a pork chop sandwich at Tanner's. I immediately felt a million times better, so I ate a chicken salad last night. My energy seems to be fully restored. I'm looking forward to the 1 meal thing, but I don't get to consistently eat meals for another week and a day. I'll cheat again when I start feeling lethargic again.

Anyhow, so a non-weight related issue to add a bit of interest to this post. I was out jogging with Winnie the other day when a huge pit bull came running out and attacked Winnie. Winnie was on a leash, of course, so at a huge disadvantage. She fought pretty well though, for the few seconds I was still trying to figure out how to handle the problem. I tugged the leash back to seperate them, then straight up kicked the pit bull as hard as I could right in the face. It kind of stumbled and did a face dive into the sidewalk before whimpering away. It crossed back to the other side of the street where a big group of gangsta looking mothers were barbequing and looking at me nasty for what I just did to their dog. Put that fucking dog on a leash or tether if you can't control it, motherfuckers. I'm sick of even nice dogs not being on leashes and running up to us during our jog. Winnie is the most well behaved dog in the world, but even I wouldn't take her to populated areas without a leash. It's annoying to have unwanted dogs run up, even in a friendly fashion, when I'm trying to jog. Anyway, so there's that story.

And today I saw Resident Evil 2 with Wolfanny. It was pretty awesome, but after reading Milla's interview in Maxim, she annoys the hell outta me.

Aside from that, I thought the movie was crazy awesome, despite the annoyingness of the MTV-type-editing where you can't really see what's happening at all in the action scenes.